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All of our new homes are covered by  Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada's 2/5/10 policy.

Beyond that policy however is Devco's own guarantee. We stand behind our products and ensure our clients get the care needed once they move in. There are always questions to your new home and Devco's Service doesn't just stop when you move in the door. Our Care goes far beyond, as we build homes for longevity and lasting quality. If a problem arises we are there to help you solve it.

Devco has never had a lien, nor had to place a lien on a project. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best tradesman and craftsman as well as home Owners in the valley. Our quality and guarantees have ensured that we have been able to resolve any issue that may arise quickly and efficiently. Our communication with you is of the utmost importance. As such we are able to work through any and all unforeseen circumstances directly and effectively. As a result we are proud to know that we have never had an unhappy client.