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  • Excavation and Backfill: From Lakeshore to Mountain side, Site prep, placement and compaction of engineered Foundation bearing soils. We work closely with Geotechnical Engineers, Excavating your foundation, backfilling and compaction.   The second most important issue after your Foundation Prep work is your final grading. We can help ensure that water is steered away from your home Protecting your home and yard from Run off and heavy rain issues.
  • Soils, sand, gravel, Engineered Fill, and wall rock: We have access to discounted prices on all earthen materials, and have trucks, trucks with pups, and end dumps,  ready to service any site, any where.
  • Demolition: full legal/worksafe approved machine caging and guarding, House removal, Fire burn cleanup.
  • Rock hammering and Removal of Rock: Rock and concrete hammers on both 200 and 50 size machines, for rock hammering and removal, concrete foundation removal, concrete driveway removal.
  • Rock wall building specialists: we have built several miles of Rock walls in the Vernon area. From engineered, to aesthetics, from 8' boulders to 8" rock. We can build you walls that will last.  We have discounted prices on many sizes and colours of wall rock as well.
  • Driveway and road construction: We have a great vision for seeing the grade needed to make that unique driveway, or building your access road through some of the harshest Terrain. Got a steep lot, we can do it.
  • Geothermal trenching and install: We have Trenched in Geothermal lines and laid the pipe for Geothermal companies. We work closely with our Geothermal installers ensuring straight or loop runs are laid properly, depths, proper cover, and finish grading is all done in such a way to ensure maximum performance of your geothermal system.
  • Utility installs: We can trench, install, cover and compact utilites on site, we can reach over 28' straight down .
  • Land Clearing: We have cleared several hundred acres of land, from Logging, to stump removal, shaping land and Dozing, working with Riparian areas, environmental consultants, Ministry of environment and Forestry to achieve  your successful project requirements.
  • Private airstrip construction: we have constructed several private airstrips and are aware of approach, overshoot and take off requirements as well as soil and seasonal conditions to be aware of and prepared for. We have extensive aviation experience in remote areas and the planning of difficult strips.
  • Compaction: We have large and small Hoe packs that attach to the end of several size excavator booms  that pound up to 5' deep backfills to over 100% compaction, and are approved for Geotechnical applications. We can reach into the most dangerous environments safely not having to worry about bank sluffage. We also have a plate tamper and 72" ride on Roller for large flat compactions needs.
  • Septic: We have done the excavation and material placement for Septic systems from the most basic system the most complicated Biocycle type 2 and 3 systems. We have been involved with pump systems and gravity feed systems and have Expert Septic installers  and engineers available to help with your project.